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Eating Out…In
Did you know that many of the cakes, pies and gateaux that you have enjoyed in pubs cafes and garden centres all over Devon and Cornwall are made in Grumpies Kitchen?
The world has changed a little for the moment so we want to bring our delicious food to your doorstep or you can pick it up from us.

We have created a range of tasty selection boxes to suit nearly everyone. There are gluten friendly*, vegetarian and vegan options. There is a lunchtime box with terrific home made pork pies and a tea-time treat box.

To cater for different numbers most selection boxes are available in two sizes.

So now you can enjoy you can enjoy the delicious foods you ate out in your own home.

* There are no ingredients containing gluten in the “friendly” boxes but there is gluten in the kitchen so just to be on the safe side.
Treat yourselves…
or your friends and family too